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Walt Keys and Unfinished Business...

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Walt Keys and his roaming guitar have stirred,
mixed and served crowds in the Black Hills for the
past ten years, and with his band, Unfinished Business,
they now plan on bringing the business to you. This band
supplies the demand for up-n-out of your seat rockn' blues,
good grooves and great times, no customer leaves unfinished.
Influenced by the various guitar styles of Vaughn, Hendrix,
Johnny Winter an Albert King, yet not without their own
originality and charisma, each show brings new life
to the blues. Walt Keys has proven again and
again that he can unlock, rock and get
you through the blues.


Walt Keys :

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Jim Sautter :

Bass Guitar and vocals

Anne Schneider :

Alto & Tenor Saxophone and vocals

          Todd Tetrault :
Keyboards and vocals

Captian Billy:

Drums and vocals

From Spearfish, S.D. located in the Northern Black Hills.

Walt Keys
(Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Walt Keys hails from San Jose, California, where at an early age he witnessed and participated in the music scene of California.

Anne Schneider
(Alto & Tenor Saxophone, Vocals)

Anne Schneider offers up a full flavor of sax playing, starting in grade scool, and continuing with college jazz bands and various blues and rock bands from Iowa and South Dakota. Anne has brought the cool sound of bluesy sax to Unfinished Business, since 1999.


Jim Sautter
(Bass & vocals)

I grew up in Wall and have lived in Wall, Long Beach (CA), Lakewood (CA), and now Rapid City while playing music. I started out playing in a variety of rock bands, jazz bands, and blues band, but quickly settled into a love of playing blues. I've had the privilege of playing with some really fantastic guitarists including Brandon Sprague, Vince Converse, Tom Eliff, Paul Carlson, and now Walt Keys.


Todd Tetreault
(Keyboards & vocals)

Todd J. Tetreault was born in Deadwood, SD in 1956 the 3rd of six childred. He started playing drums in the 5th grade and then taught himself to play paino, when he started playing in his first band in Belle Fourche, SD. In 1972, his family moved to Spearfish, SD where he started his 2nd band with two of it's original players. Then in 1974 Todd played with the Black Hills State Jazz band with his brother Rick who was a music major at the time After high school (1975), he started another band, with two pianos that played older music. Moving to California in 1983 he had a daughter in which inspired him to play more music. He played with several bands, Pleeze, The Technicians, Dyslexic Technicians and Montange until 2012. Moving back to Spearfish Todd now plays for church and retirement homes on his spare time and his love of the blues and listening to artist such as BB King, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Pointer Sisters and Stevie Ray Vaughn brought him together with Walt Keys and Unfinished Business in 2013. Writing his own music for many years he plans to incorperate his music into the band and see what it brings.

William Trewhella, aka Billy, aka Capt. Billy, was born in Deadwood SD and raised in Lead SD.  Billy’s father (also named Billy, aka “The Organ Grinder”) was a well-known and respected keyboard player in the Black Hills and was the primary influence in Capt. Billy’s musical career along with Lawrence Welch, Buck Owens, Buddy Rich and The Beatles.  Billy started his career along side his dad playing drums in various piano bars in the Black Hills, which soon led to playing drums in a garage band called “The Mothers Worries” at age 16 which then led to joining another band called “War Page” and playing beer bars before he was “legally” old enough to drink.
After playing in a few local bands and being payed as a professional musician (sometimes even in money!) a local guitar player said to him, “You won’t amount to crap as a drummer!”  Billy’s reply was “Thanks Jimmy Hendricks-I’ll see you down the road.”  And he did!  Many years later at a benefit show for a well-known local drummer who had died, Billy was asked to be the featured drummer and it was then that his prediction came true when the “Jimmy Hendricks Wannabe” was asked to play a tune with Billy.  After the song, the guitar player shook Billy’s hand and said “Thanks man, that was great!”
Over the years, Billy has played with a variety of local bands playing everything from country to rock.  One of these bands was the popular “Back In The Saddle Band” also known as “B.I.T.S” which played around the Hills for almost five years.  In the late 80’s, after the break up of B.I.T.S, Billy got a call from a friend in Seattle offering him a job in a road band called “Devotee”.  The band played all over the western US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and countries overseas.  In Taiwan, Billy learned many of the local customs including the price of a Big Mac ($6.00!) and ate local delicacies such as ducks tongue, ducks feet and octopus.  He refused the chickens butt but did enjoy the “cobra’s blood” red beer!  After another year with Devotee, Billy grew tired of the “suitcase” lifestyle and returned home to the Black Hills.  Three days later, he was hired in the band “Hired Guns” which after a few years led him to the band “Nobody Famous” featuring Kenny Putnam, Kenny Miller, JD Fiedler, Ricky Jacobsen and Chet Murray.  Nobody Famous played locally for four years with a few road trips to Wyoming, North Dakota and Oklahoma.  After the break up of Nobody Famous, Billy and Chet started a new band with Scott Smith and Mike Easton from “Price and the Dice” and Chet’s college friend Steve Stulken and called it “The Plywood Cowboys” named after the plywood cowboy cut outs from the Elk Creek Steakhouse.
Over the years Billy has had the pleasure of opening for countless national acts from both country and rock, comedians and even for Jim Neighbors!  His personal favorites were Toto, Kentucky Headhunters, Doobie Brothers and even played with a local symphony!
To this day, Billy remembers back to when he first started playing and recalls the dreams and aspirations of his youth-free beer and chicks!  “But seriously kids, it’s all about the music.  Of course the beer and chicks are the perks!”  “Got a great bunch of guys in this band and the future is so bright I have to wear bifocals!”  “Rock On !…… Twaaaang !”



A four song demo CD recorded in 2001 by C&J Recording.
We are now working on our own studio, focusing on
recording original music and some cover tunes.
We have a CD out that we started in
2008 with Chris Ring. Three new songs are on



Unfinished Business is a self sufficient band.
The members of the band own their own PA, lighting
and instrumentation to create a professional
sound for many types of occasions. Larger clubs
and events.



Unfinished Business is currently a self promoted
band working on future bookings, achieved by distribution
of posters, and web site.


Jakes Tavern: Jim Hays (club owner), Gillette, WY (307) 686-3781
Deadwood Mountain Grand , Deadwood, SD (605)
Deadwood Tobacco Co: John Boyd, Deadwood, SD (605) 722-1510

Past Players


Chet Murray - Chester (Chet) Murray was born in Winner, South Dakota in March of 1964. His family moved to Faith, SD when he was in the 1st grade. In Faith, Chet began his music career. His father, Chet Sr., was a musician and passed it down to some of his children. When he was young, Chet Sr. and his brothers would sing together in harmony at night in bed. Family always looked forward to hearing them sing because of the tightness of family harmony and they were very good at it. At the age of ten, Chet learned a few guitar chords from his father, who was grooming him to play rhythm in the band he was playing in, "The Ribbonaires". They played old standards and Chet was chopping rhythms on the old Tiesco Del Ray. The band consisted of Chet, a drummer who also played sax at the same time, piano player, and Chet Sr., who played Tenor Sax, Trumpet, and did the majority of vocal work. They played Moose Lodges, Elks Clubs, VFW's and the like.
At the age of 14, the family moved to Pierre. That is when Chet really began to blossom in music as a trumpet player and singer. He was always active in band and chorus, and this is where he started his first band called High Voltage. It was a garage band that got one gig through the parents of his girlfriend. Haha!! Through his choir director, Chet got a gig playing bass with The Bad River Band in Pierre. In 1984 during college studying music, Chet joined a very popular Aberdeen band called Precious Cargo. This band began as a horn band made up of college students that transformed into country/pop. This band took Chet on to his first road gig in Texas. He moved back in 1987 to the Black Hills and hooked up with The Wild West band that took him back on the road for a couple years but this time on keyboards. He has been present on the music scene in the Black Hills since then, playing with many popular bands such as The Wilt Brothers, Out of Hand Blues Band, Double Edge, Hired Guns, Nobody Famous, Plywood Cowboys, Crash Wagon, Steel Pony, Badger Horse, and with Unfinished Business. Chet has also had the pleasure of working on several local studio recording projects. He has the ability to play trombone, trumpet, rhythm guitar, piano and bass guitar, though the lips for playing the brass have forgotten what a mouthpiece feels like!!!!

Phil Gatliff Phil "Philly Fingers" Gatliff
(Bass Guitar)

Phil Gatliff was born in San Gabriel, California but grew up and went to school in San Luis Obispo. Started playing guitar when he was 12, but switched to bass at the age of 15. Just out of high school he formed the band Green Room with a couple of his friends, playing gigs around California's central coast. After Green Room he joined a band called Terracide which was short lived. Following this he played around here and there with a few local musicians.

In the summer of 2001, he moved to the Black Hills to be closer to his musical mentor. Spent time jamming around with Whitewood musicians before meeting up with Unfinished Business around June of 2005. Phil currently resides in Spearfish, SD and feels privileged to be in a band of such outstanding caliber and talent. He now resides in Madison, SD with his wife and daughter.

Contact Phil elevendead2004@yahoo.com